Thursday, October 23, 2008

Registered or not...

Nellies Father~owner did not give us papers.
I have my puppies up for sale and posted on a few ad sights right now.

I have been asked over and over if my pups are registered or not.

Well no they are not but they are purebred.

The reason I have not registered them is the mother is not.

I have two female Labs, a mother and daughter. Heidi (mother) and Nellie (daughter).

Nellie was from Heidi's first litter. She breed with a dog not far from our home. He was a great looking Yellow and very sweet. The owners said I could have papers from him for the puppies. But just before and after puppies came in she kept saying things like I need to find them, I need to look for them, yes you will get them, I will bring them right over...

Well after all was said and done. She moved and took her dog and papers with her and never told me. I never knew they were gone till after the house was empty.

Heidi the Black Lab mama had her papers. But without the male's papers I could not register the puppies. We kept one from that first litter, a yellow female Nellie.

Nellie has been such a sweet little girl I wanted her to have one litter before we get Bear fixed.

So thats way Nellie's puppies are not registered...

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