Thursday, October 23, 2008

The mother dog to this litter~ Nellie

Nell~Nell and her puppies

Nellie on the right as a baby and a
male litter mate a
Red Fox Yellow Lab

Nellie was born in my kitchen on March 15 2006. She happened to be the first born and was the alpha female.

We were not going to keep her at first and found a family for her. Gave me money down to hold her but then backed out. Well she was a great little Lab and soon found another family that wanted her and kept looking at her and telling us they wanted her over a weeks time. Then backed out. By this time all but two pups, a male and female were with new family's and the last two were now getting big. I found a home for the last boy and told my husband we were going to keep the last little girl. We were all so in love with her by then. And but for the fact that people kept backing out on her.... we just needed to keep her!

We had been calling her Vanilla Ice Cream, Nellie for short.

We are very happy we kept her, she has been a great little Lab. And turned out to be a great mother just like her mother Heidi!

She never got to big. Both her and her Mother are around 60/65 lb.

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