Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Puppies

Our 7 puppies were born Sept 8 2008. We had 3 Chocolate males, two Chocolate females and two Yellow females.

Little Bear is the big boy of the males and the first to sleep after a good play. Luke and Sonic are the other males. Luke is layed back like Little Bear, but Sonic is on the go when most of the other are zonked out.

Lydia and Zelda are the bigger of the four females. Both have taken on the role of alpha female. Lydia is Chocolate, Zelda is Yellow. Lis and Zoe are the other two females. Zoe is Yellow and looks just like her mother when she was small. Lis was the runt but you could not tell by looking at her now. And Lis found herself a great home this past weekend.

All of them a great little Labradors~ fat and sassy. My daughters (ages 12 &15) and I have taken a lot of time with them. All our pups are very loving and playful.

Now that they are 7 weeks old and eating so good, they are getting big! They only see the mother once a day now. And only for a short amount of time. She likes to play outside with them, but she has cut way back on nursing them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The mother dog to this litter~ Nellie

Nell~Nell and her puppies

Nellie on the right as a baby and a
male litter mate a
Red Fox Yellow Lab

Nellie was born in my kitchen on March 15 2006. She happened to be the first born and was the alpha female.

We were not going to keep her at first and found a family for her. Gave me money down to hold her but then backed out. Well she was a great little Lab and soon found another family that wanted her and kept looking at her and telling us they wanted her over a weeks time. Then backed out. By this time all but two pups, a male and female were with new family's and the last two were now getting big. I found a home for the last boy and told my husband we were going to keep the last little girl. We were all so in love with her by then. And but for the fact that people kept backing out on her.... we just needed to keep her!

We had been calling her Vanilla Ice Cream, Nellie for short.

We are very happy we kept her, she has been a great little Lab. And turned out to be a great mother just like her mother Heidi!

She never got to big. Both her and her Mother are around 60/65 lb.

Registered or not...

Nellies Father~owner did not give us papers.
I have my puppies up for sale and posted on a few ad sights right now.

I have been asked over and over if my pups are registered or not.

Well no they are not but they are purebred.

The reason I have not registered them is the mother is not.

I have two female Labs, a mother and daughter. Heidi (mother) and Nellie (daughter).

Nellie was from Heidi's first litter. She breed with a dog not far from our home. He was a great looking Yellow and very sweet. The owners said I could have papers from him for the puppies. But just before and after puppies came in she kept saying things like I need to find them, I need to look for them, yes you will get them, I will bring them right over...

Well after all was said and done. She moved and took her dog and papers with her and never told me. I never knew they were gone till after the house was empty.

Heidi the Black Lab mama had her papers. But without the male's papers I could not register the puppies. We kept one from that first litter, a yellow female Nellie.

Nellie has been such a sweet little girl I wanted her to have one litter before we get Bear fixed.

So thats way Nellie's puppies are not registered...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little about Papa Bear

We adopted Bear back in 2006, at 16 months of age. I took him home for Mothers Day.
Bear has been the father to our past two litters.
I found him listed in a on-line newspaper. He was with a family with just to little space for him.
This is the description from the ad...
"Free to good home ~purebred Chocolate lab with papers
Highly energetic and lovable purebred chocolate lab with AKC reg. up for adoption. Approximately 89 pounds. Loves to be outdoors and to get lots of exercise. Serious inquiries only. House-broken and crate-trained. Please reply only if able to provide ample space and attention. Would make a great hunting dog with proper guidance."
I am very happy with him! He is a great dog and my baby! I received him as a Mothers Day gift and I turned out to be his mama... He thinks he is still a puppy and wants nothing more then to be on my lap. But he is pushing 90 some lb and is not really a lap dog.
But the word energetic from the above description fits him perfect! He will be 4 this winter but still acts like a pup.
The previous owners had him just a few short weeks and found there yard was just to small for him, he needed more room. I was told that they got him from a family that kept him on a chain. With an even smaller house and yard. They had hoped it would work with him. But he just wanted to run now that he was off chain. And needed more space.
We live out in the country and have lots of room for him. When I first got him home I only let him out on leash till he got to know us, our Yard and other dogs.
He and I bonded and soon he was off leash when outside. He was and still is VERY happy when outside in our yard free! And when out he runs and never walks...
He is just one happy~goofy Labrador!

Our 3rd litter of Labrador puppies

Our Yellow Labrador Nellie had her first litter on Sept 8 2008. She had 7 puppies in the colors Chocolate and Yellow.
Two yellow females, two chocolate females and three chocolate males.
This makes it three litters of Labs for us. The first two litters were from Heidi our now 7 year old Black Lab. She had been a very good mother and we had kept a female puppy from her one of litters, Nellie. Heidi had puppies in yellow, black and chocolate.
Nellie is now almost 3 years old. She has done great with her puppies!
But this is our last litter. Last year we had said we would end our puppy days after Nellie had her first litter. We love having puppies. But we need to move on and after this litter, puppies will be behind us.
Over the year my daughters have been a lot of help with the puppies! Holding them. Bring them outside to play. Helping with food and water. But most of all love and cuddles!
We want to show off the puppies in this litter, so I started this blog. I will be adding photos and talk about how things are going.