Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our 3rd litter of Labrador puppies

Our Yellow Labrador Nellie had her first litter on Sept 8 2008. She had 7 puppies in the colors Chocolate and Yellow.
Two yellow females, two chocolate females and three chocolate males.
This makes it three litters of Labs for us. The first two litters were from Heidi our now 7 year old Black Lab. She had been a very good mother and we had kept a female puppy from her one of litters, Nellie. Heidi had puppies in yellow, black and chocolate.
Nellie is now almost 3 years old. She has done great with her puppies!
But this is our last litter. Last year we had said we would end our puppy days after Nellie had her first litter. We love having puppies. But we need to move on and after this litter, puppies will be behind us.
Over the year my daughters have been a lot of help with the puppies! Holding them. Bring them outside to play. Helping with food and water. But most of all love and cuddles!
We want to show off the puppies in this litter, so I started this blog. I will be adding photos and talk about how things are going.

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