Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Puppies

Our 7 puppies were born Sept 8 2008. We had 3 Chocolate males, two Chocolate females and two Yellow females.

Little Bear is the big boy of the males and the first to sleep after a good play. Luke and Sonic are the other males. Luke is layed back like Little Bear, but Sonic is on the go when most of the other are zonked out.

Lydia and Zelda are the bigger of the four females. Both have taken on the role of alpha female. Lydia is Chocolate, Zelda is Yellow. Lis and Zoe are the other two females. Zoe is Yellow and looks just like her mother when she was small. Lis was the runt but you could not tell by looking at her now. And Lis found herself a great home this past weekend.

All of them a great little Labradors~ fat and sassy. My daughters (ages 12 &15) and I have taken a lot of time with them. All our pups are very loving and playful.

Now that they are 7 weeks old and eating so good, they are getting big! They only see the mother once a day now. And only for a short amount of time. She likes to play outside with them, but she has cut way back on nursing them.

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